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“The fact that 64% of Republicans in the most conservative district in the state chose to vote for someone other than King speaks volumes about the whipsaw that hit him between his lack of effectiveness and his controversial comments.” — Iowa-based political strategist John Stineman

Melissa Langsam Braunstein – Washington Examiner OpEd: Iowa’s King is dethroned

The advantage of incumbency is so strong, it’s rare for a congressional primary to have any real drama. And yet, there were true fireworks in Iowa’s 4th District last week as Republican voters decided to ditch Rep. Steve King, their representative for the last nine terms.

Four Republicans vied to replace King in the ruby-red district. They might have split the vote and effectively reelected King. However, state Sen. Randy Feenstra managed to earn more than 45% of the vote, winning the race decisively.

That outcome was anything but certain. The scant polling that existed was fairly tight and inconclusive in the run-up to the June 2 election. As the race unfolded, it also looked like a test case for whether grassroots Republican voters care who the Washington Republican establishment thinks is suitable to serve in Congress.

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