Strategic Shifts | Meta thrives with platform competition


This month, we highlight some of the latest social media platform competitions. Everyone wants to maximize short-form video, but what about the fight for photo and text apps? Read more about the following platform competitions below:

Meta’s latest in AI Advancement

Meta took little time to invest in generative AI, promptly implementing its AI assistant across Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook messaging inboxes. Now, going one step further, users will have access to Meta AI directly in the search bar of each app.

The most recent update is possible with Meta Llama 3, what Meta is calling “the most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use.” Meta claims the new model outperforms competing models and is better at all tasks across the board.

At this point, Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear. His goal is “to compete with everything out there,” and it looks like that will be more than just AI.

Despite Meta’s success in generative AI creation, Zuckerberg said it will be years before it drives revenue. Meta has ideas for future monetization, but it will take time to evaluate its success. Now, the test comes with how many people use the tool regularly.

Facebook Features

Video-first, full-screen video player

Facebook is taking a shot at prioritizing all video forms with an upgraded video player. All videos will default to vertical mode — short-form Reels, long-from videos, and live content — and Facebook will recommend videos to watch next. Users can view videos in full-screen or decide to watch videos horizontally. The updated video player will streamline the steps for the viewer and publisher.

This updated format gives Facebook an edge over short-form video platforms like TikTok. This video player could also change the results of critical metrics that matter to marketers, like watch time, views, engagement, and reach. Overall, it should increase individual time in the Facebook app — the end goal for all social media platforms.

Instagram Innovations

An Instagram Competitor? — TikTok just launched a photo app called TikTok Notes for users in Canada and Australia. The app design is like Instagram and Pinterest, but users can add up to 34 images in one post, a 4,000-character caption, and a title.

New “Notify” Stickers — Creators can use this new sticker on IG stories to encourage their followers to turn on post notifications for upcoming posts, stories, reels, or live videos. IG has been testing this sticker for a few months, and it is now being rolled out more broadly.

Polaroid Frames— IG Stories now offers a new sticker frame for photos designed as a polaroid that gradually “develops” when users shake their phone. When setting up the frame, users can add a caption, which will appear alongside the timestamp when the photo was initially taken.

Trendy Threads

Hidden Words— Threads users can now filter out words, phrases, and emojis you don’t want to see as a safety feature. The setting will be on by default, but users can add extra terms that are more specific to their preferences.

Bonus Fact — Threads reached 150 million users, up from 130 million in February!

Most Effective LinkedIn Posts –– This is the best time for brands to post on LinkedIn if they want more engagement. According to a Social Insider report, the engagement rate on LinkedIn was 3.85% in 2023. From 2022 to 2023, overall engagement on LinkedIn increased by 44%.

Based on engagement rate, these are the most effective post types:

  1. Multiple images (6.10%)
  2. Documents (4.70%)
  3. Single image (4.35%)
  4. Videos (3.85%)
  5. Link Share (3.40%)

Contribute to Collaborative Articles — LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles have seen a drastic increase in weekly readership since September 2023, so the platform is leaning in to make it easier for users to find a prompt for which to contribute. Now, when users go to start a post, they can click “Contribute expertise,” and LinkedIn’s AI will craft a list of relevant collaborative articles for them.

B2B Video Potential — Want to know the secret to B2B marketing? It’s simple — videos. Over 3.5 billion people are streaming video. Almost 60 percent of B2B marketers claim videos are the best technique for “brand building.” Video is the best option because it increases user understanding, allows for authentic storytelling, and increases strategic targeting.

Now that you know the secret, connect with us at Strategic Elementsto execute your flawless B2B video campaign.

Blue checkmark updates

  • Accounts with more than 2,500 verified (aka paying) followers are now receiving blue checks for being “influential users,” reinstating the original meaning of the blue checks.
  • X recently removed the option for X Premium users to hide their blue checkmarks. Users have had access to this feature since August 2023, typically using it to hide that they are paying for X Premium.

X Ad Boycott Over? — Elon Musk is attempting to repair relationships with advertisers after several large companies ceased advertising on X in late 2023. Last month, X appointed two new employees to oversee platform safety and rebuild relationships and trust with advertisers.

No pronouns in bio— X users no longer have the option to include pronouns in their bio, a feature that was initially introduced in 2021. When Musk initially purchased X, pronouns in the bio were still being tested and were only available to some users. Still, the company had plans to make them more broadly available. While there is no longer the featured option, users can still manually type in their pronouns in the written bio.

Drive Change in Public Affairs with these 3 Strategies

I like to say there are three techniques or “buckets” that are very effective in driving a successful public affairs and policy-making process. In my experience, these three buckets help drive success for every public affairs campaign, no matter the issue.

These are research and analysis, alliance development, and targeted communications.

1. Research and Analysis

The research and analysis portion helps map out the “how,” “why,” and “what” to drive strategy, create compelling materials, and lay the groundwork for a strong campaign that moves the needle. The research step is imperative to comprehending the issue, navigating the landscape, and understanding the stakeholders — supporters and opponents.

2. Alliance Development

Along the process, you are either already working with key coalitions and stakeholders or identifying them to build alliances that can create a groundswell of support or opposition for specific policies. Educating and engaging allies is critical to the success of any public affairs campaign.

3. Targeted Communication

Lastly, having a strong communications plan is critical, especially one that distills from a national audience into a local audience — it will allow you to get into the weeds of whatever policy you are trying to push and reach the proper audiences where they are. Depending on the audience and campaign goals, you will utilize specific communications components like social media, create strong grassroots and grasstops programs, and produce community engagement events.

ANSWER THIS —What do you think Meta should focus on when competing with other social media platforms?

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