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GOTVax is a national not-for-profit that is leading one of the most aggressive, data driving COVID-19 vaccine outreach campaigns in the country. GOTVax’s campaign is focused on driving COVID-19 vaccinations in underserved communities with significant Black, Latino, refugee, and immigrant populations. Partnering with local and national organizations GOTVax has executed vaccine outreach programs is 14 cities as well as  2 statewide programs. 

Operating from a premise that everyone in the communities where GOTVax is working is on a path to yes, GOTVax looks to help people of color become fully vaccinated, change the narrative about the mislabeling of vaccine hesitancy among our targeted communities with persistent and creative earned media opportunities, recruit super-influencers from Black, African American, immigrant, and other communities of color, inoculate communities of color from the widespread disinformation campaigns aimed at them and strengthen the collective national effort to win COVID-immunity in underserved communities. 

GOTVax leverages proven electoral, community and labor organizing strategies to reach individuals. Data has shown that it takes up to 17 points of contact to move people to a yes. In order to do this GOTVax:   

  • Deploying winning electoral campaign strategies and technologies to get our communities vaccinated including 
  • GOTVax layers on multiple modalities of contact and tracks the results of each interaction. 
  • Mobilizes and trains vaccinated people in Black, immigrant, and other communities of color to serve as confident, informed, and trusted messengers to persuade their not-yet-vaccinated friends and families to get vaccinated  
  • Presuming that all people in our communities are on the “Path to Yes” for getting vaccinated, GOTVax delivers culturally-targeted outreach, communications, and digital strategies to shut down disinformation and get them there 


Individual contacts across multiple modalities
Shots in arms attributed to GOTVax’s outreach
Community Health Navigators trained to talk to their communities
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