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Digital Ads Spread Awareness of Clean Energy

Strategic Elements partnered with Clean Grid Alliance (CGA) to reach target audiences at scale and educate them on the reliability, efficiency, and economic upside to clean energy.

  • Increase video views
  • Drive traffic to the website and download additional resources
  • Increase Facebook engagements and followers

Our Strategic Approach

Phase One: Educate

The initiative commenced with an impactful approach, leveraging a tailored video series highlighting clean power advantages, including specialized projects focusing on Job Creation, Family Impact, and Reliability Statistics. These videos garnered over 560,000 views, igniting interest among clean energy enthusiasts.  

Phase Two: Deepen Knowledge

SE built on the momentum by directing engaged viewers to resources with specific clean energy details for their region. This empowered them to make informed decisions and drive over 400 PDF downloads and 730 clicks to the CGA website.  

Phase Three: Audience Growth

Capitalizing on this informed audience, SE spearheaded a follower campaign propelling CGA’s social media growth organically. This endeavor more than doubled their social following, amassing 670 new Facebook Likes and a substantial increase in followers, ensuring sustained engagement without resorting to sponsored content. 


With the implementation of the three-step plan, CGA experienced substantial organic growth.

Organic Website Visitors
Additional website visitors thanks to campaign run by SE

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