Franking Services

Maximizing Your Constituent Connections

Is your office ready for 2024 election blackout periods? Time is running out for franked communications – don’t worry, we’re prepared. 

Our team has worked with Members of Congress to maximize franking budgets to deliver immediate results. We have successfully delivered millions of targeted impressions to constituents that yielded thousands of subscribers and followers for Members to regularly communicate with across the district, consistent with franked communication blackout rules.  

We help you build the organic communities needed to keep up official communications at scale with your constituents during the election year.  

While there are many ways to work with us, here is a preview of what you get when you engage with us: 

Digital Advertising

We offer complete in-house programmatic digital advertising services, including display, audio, video, and social.

Local Publication Advertising

We can facilitate and manage all direct publication buys in local newspapers and online entities, including in print editions, online, and across newsletters.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Our team identifies premiere placements within your district and works closely with vendors to develop the right assets and facilitate ad buys.

Radio and TV Ads

Television and radio ad buys are an impactful way to reach the masses in and out of their homes across trusted mediums.

Leveraging our political and public affairs knowledge, we understand the right cadence, messaging, and creative layout to stand out in constituent mailboxes.

Our team can facilitate and promote telephone and virtual town halls by providing end-to-end services.

We can be a vital partner when you need to reach your district with critical, time-sensitive messages.

Our team is equipped to facilitate promoted e-newsletter placements with ideal and relevant local and targeted national publishers.

We offer complete creative and writing services, with expert copywriting, graphic design, and video production.

Peer-to-peer texting is an excellent way to reach and communicate with constituents before a key event. Text programs allow for your team member – or a member of ours – to chat with constituents directly.

Stock Your Social Community

The Strategic Elements team expertly stocks your social communities and email subscribers with constituents for ongoing, year-round communication. Our unique cross-network approach leverages social channels and programmatic display, video, and audio advertisements, teamed with expert testing and optimization to deliver tangible results. We enable you to maximize your franking strategy and prepare for blackout dates by exposing your top messages and newsletters to more constituents than ever before.

House-Approved Vendor

Our team is ready to jump in whenever and however you need us—as a House-approved vendor, we are ready to partner with your team to meet your franking needs. Strategic Elements is loaded with former Congressional staffers—we know franking, and we are ready to transform it from a headache into your favorite and most effective tool.

How can we work together?

The Strategic Elements team delivers complete digital franking services, including messaging, creative development, and execution, reporting and optimizations – all conducted in-house by our team of professionals. Our cross-channel offering hinges on precise targeting to deliver ads efficiently and effectively, across programmatic display and video, social media ads, connected TV ads, digital radio, and direct publication ad buys. Today, there are more ways than ever to connect with your district—and we are here every step of the way to pair the right channel with the right message.

Put Your Voice Straight to Listeners

While display and social ads will engage constituents, our team taps connected TV and audio ads to expand high-impact storytelling opportunities with citizens. Capitalizing on the biggest screen in the household – the television – provides a powerful and cost-effective alternative or addition to a traditional television spot. With growing listenership across podcast and digital radio networks, audio ads are four times more effective in message recall compared to standard display ads as a result. We can target the largest podcast and radio shows in your area, putting your voice straight to the listeners.

Leverage a Variety of Audience Models

Through static and animated graphics, audio clips, and short video clips, we can target your district, but most interestingly, we leverage a variety of audience models that move beyond demographic and behavioral data and target individuals based on ideology and beliefs. This allows for the most comprehensive and impactful reach to the audiences that you need.

Are you ready to partner with us to maximize your results?

Our team is ready to engage your constituents around the most critical legislative priorities affecting your district and our nation. It’s time to take franking to the next level.