Kim Kelzer

Senior Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Kim Kelzer joined Strategic Elements in September 2021 as a Senior Graphic and Multimedia Designer. She specializes in bringing digital identities into the real world. Kim has helped build brands and promotional material for small businesses along with creating well-rounded illustrations, advertising campaigns, and digital products for corporate companies. Kim’s work aims to create meaningful design solutions and experiences for brands and audiences. Working with clients across various industries, Kim loves taking a thoughtful, strategic approach to uncover a client’s brand story and create effective and compelling designs.

Kim started her career designing for trade show events and, more recently, has worked in education. Through collaboration in her previous role at Vertex Education, she was responsible for social media, marketing campaigns, and visual communications. She worked closely with the communications team to convey important PR messages with incorporated design visuals. With her creative solutions, she has helped change lives through education in Arizona, Nevada and Texas.

Born and raised in Michigan, Kim received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Central Michigan University and is now based out of Phoenix, Arizona.



Fun Facts

A certified yoga and barre instructor.
Loves to travel and takes her adopted Frenchie along.
Enjoys making fresh homemade açaí bowls.
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