Diane Miller

Strategic Advisor

Diane has built a career helping some of the most scrutinized industries in our economy successfully navigate challenging political environments.   She has specialized in energy and environmental policy including work on renewable energy policies, electric markets, tax policy, natural gas development, energy exports, sighting and land use issues, shareholder resolutions, invasive species, transportation, and federal environmental regulations.  She has also helped companies develop external communications strategies to promote their social responsibilities functions and internal communication strategies designed to grow PAC participation, engage retirees, and rebrand employee advocacy programs.

Most recently, Diane served as the Vice President of Public Affairs for the American Wind Energy Association where she created a multi-state advocacy network and redesigned the organization’s grassroots program. Before joining AWEA, Diane held leadership positions in the two largest national public affairs firms in the United States.  In 2003 she joined DCI Group, where she served as a Partner from 2008-2014.  From 2014-2016 Diane served as Senior Vice President of Client Relations at DDC Public Affairs, a division of the Omnicom Group.

Diane began her career in the Missouri State Senate working as the communications director for a rural state senator. She continued her career as a state lobbyist and grassroots organizer.  In those roles, she worked to win public and congressional support for trade agreements, worked as a spokesperson for industrial energy users, healthcare and telecommunications industries. In 2002, she was named as the State Director for the American Petroleum Institute.

Diane has provided strategic counsel to some of the world’s largest companies, and designed communication strategies for high-profile issues that dominate national and international media cycles.

In 2017, Diane founded the Women’s Influence Network, a nonprofit organization focused on advancing the role of women in public policy and politics.

The daughter of a WWII veteran, Diane has had a life-long interest in history and the role of government. Diane enjoys empowering people and businesses with the skills they need to impact public policy and in such has conducted advocacy and communications training for several Fortune 50 companies and served as a guest speaker for the Public Affairs Council, American Legislative Exchange Council, Women’s Energy Network – Houston, Women in Government Relations, and the Junior League of St. Louis.



Fun Facts

I used to write a food blog and had my recipes translated and published in Canada’s largest Chinese-language newspaper.
Was first quoted in a large daily newspaper in sixth grade and did my first T.V. interview in seventh grade.
I was born on Friday the 13th.
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